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Emysimss 4moms Origami Stroller Set 3t2

Here is Emysimss' 4moms Origami Stroller Set for TS2. It has very many parts and I will be making poses for it shortly. You need Shiftable OMSP's to place many of the components, but this is an honestly great stroller in real life and I'm happy to have converted it for my game!

The bassinet comes with a mattress insert for babies!

The carseat comes in many, many colours and also comes with an optional blanket cover for naps. Shh.

The Toddler Seat requires no OMSP experimentation and can snap on instantly! :D

This set also comes with additional snap-on storage bags and the frame itself which are separate. It can be adapted for twins very easily with included parts that I didn't bother to get a screenshot of because they're the same as the others!

This set is extremely high-poly! Please use in your game sparingly! O:

Download here!

Do you like what I do? Then I'd love if you donated. Any amount helps!
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