2fingerswhiskey (2fingerswhiskey) wrote,

Donations, Clarified

If you have a problem with me asking for donations, I'd like to address your concerns once again.

Aren't you just using this money for yourself?

I'm using it to pay for arm braces, and prescriptions, and pain stuff. I said in an earlier post that I needed a new graphics card - I do, however, I've got that covered as of now for free.

You're Canadian.

Yes. Without insurance.

Most Canadians have insurance.

I have Medicare. That pays for things like doctor's visits and trips to the ER. It does not pay for prescriptions or things like arm braces.

Why do you need arm braces?

I have psoriatic arthritis which causes me so much pain that high-level painkillers genuinely do nothing. I also suffer from chronic migraines as a result of inflammation going to my neck and brain.

Pay for them yourself, ya' freeloader.

I've tried. The ones I need are for a rare form of arthritis called psoriatic arthritis. It's so rare that autocorrect is telling me that it's not a word. I developed psoriasis all over my body when I was seven, and it's proceeded to go into my body and inflame my joints and bones, which makes it hard to move. This started to cause me the most problems after a knee injury that made me unable to do things like run, however, the knee is taken care of. My arms, are not. My hands cannot sit straight unless I make them.

But - but - charging for custom content?

I'm not. Everything here is free. No weird links, just Sims File Share and enthusiasm. The button is a nonintrusive optional link many people asked me to put up.

You're no better than (paysite).

I don't like paysites. I include pay meshes with my shit. CC should be as free as possible for everyone to enjoy. I am asking for even a dollar if you happen to enjoy my stuff and have the money to donate. Many people want to, and I'm giving them an option. There is nothing wrong with a tip jar. We have one at my work.

You have a job?

Yes, for minimum wage, one day a week, for five hours a week. It is obviously not enough to support myself on, seeing as that amounts to a paycheque of about 10 hours. I don't even qualify for stat holidays.

But you're a (slur) special (slur) snowflake (slur) rainbow (slur) really a lesbian (slur).

I don't think bigots have any place on my blog. If you have a problem with my identity, that's solely in your hands, get the fuck off my blog and go about your day hating people for existing. This includes the person on SimSecret insisting that trans men were really lesbians.

I genuinely like your stuff but don't want to give you money.

That's okay. I'm not demanding you fork over your lunch money. I am not those sisters from the Proud Family.
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