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Do you like what I do on this blog and wish to donate money to see it keep happening? Please consider making a donation to my PayPal here:



What cards do you take?

Anything at all.

How are you going to be using the donations?

To spend on things that I need to keep my health up enough to keep doing this. I need wrist braces, medications that aren't covered that I need to survive, and a new graphics card. My job only pays me minimum wage. I will soon need more stuff for my arthritis as it's getting worse, as well.

What currency is the money in?

CAD (Canadian Dollar).

Will you charge a fee for downloading?

Absolutely not. I am not a "premium model" blog. Custom content should be free for all people to enjoy!

Will you accept money to complete a private request (ie, a sim, lot, or conversion)?

Contact me and we'll work something out :3
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