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Ash Tree Townhomes - 4 Units (Advent Day Twenty-Two)

For day twenty-two I bring you some conveniently bland, "recently renovated" rental townhomes that are very common in my area of the world - so common, in fact, I've lived in one or two before. They're actually called fourplexes here, but, whatever, Canadian regionalisms be damned.

This lot is zoned as residential, as I wanted the doors to match the set that Raynuss, the darling, made a little while ago. You get two bedrooms and one bathroom per unit, and a shared communal laundry room plus a fenced-in, plain backyard and other such amenities like *gasp* electric heating from the 90s, ample closet space, and a place to park your car out back if you should so desire. Each layout is identical, if mirrored, and your sims should have all of their needs met pretty easily here.

See all of the images in an imgur album here.

Download here! Needed CC included in rar.
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