2fingerswhiskey (2fingerswhiskey) wrote,

Fenridge Apartments - 13 Apartments (Advent Day Twenty-One)

Advent day twenty-one already! As many years as I am old, right now. I bring you 13 brand-new Scandinavian-style apartments. The lot itself is zoned as residential because I used two-tile entryway doors. The idea for these sprang off of a floorplan that I tried to copy and ended up fooling around with ideas like, what if we made a huge apartment building out of this?! So, here we go. It comes complete with laundry for each unit, which come in either 1 or 2 bedrooms to suit every sim's purpose, a communal balcony with loungers on the second floor, and a gym on the first with a meeting area and mailboxes.

See all of the images in an imgur album here.

Download here! Needed CC included in rar.
Tags: advent, s2cc, sims 2, sims 2 cc, sims 2 download, sims 2 downloads, ts2 cc, ts2 downloads, ts2cc

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