2fingerswhiskey (2fingerswhiskey) wrote,

A few things...

Jeb, shut up, nobody cares.

I've been bombarded with requests lately for people who wanted to convert my stuff to TS3/TS4. I completely allow this as long as the original mesh creator is cool with it too. I am not a mesher (usually) so yeah. Just tell me where I can find the converts, I play those games too!

My TOU can be found here.

And as to some people, who have been reposting my stuff in the sims 2 download tag on tumblr - thanks for the links back to my blog, but, I already have a tumblr and post everything I put here. Please stop that. It's kind of annoying to see my creations posted and notes given to someone who isn't me, the original poster.

TLDR: Convert my stuff but make sure the mesher is cool, just don't repost links from my blog, this isn't Pinterest and it's not cool.
Tags: blah, conversions, requests

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