2fingerswhiskey (2fingerswhiskey) wrote,

New Harddrives! :D

I've got my computer back after a lengthy ordeal with two severe storms (one more on the way) and a power outage. I was lighting candles with McDonald's straw wrappers coated in wax and operating a 1960s five-wave transistor by the end of this, people. But I got it back - and holy fuck, my upgrades. It purrs like a KITTEN. It boots in about five seconds (before, about two minutes) and everything is there! EVERYTHING! Everything I lost, is back, at least, I hope so. <3 And I have a desktop drive, not just a backup drive, that they threw in for the hell of it. A fucking Seagate inside my machine and two of them out, plus a WD backup drive.
Tags: non-sims, yay!

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