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"But First, Let Me Take A Selfie" - Phone Accessories Enabled For Child - Elder


I come to you with something rather unique - phone accessories. I did not make any of these phones (except some included recolours for the flip phone), but I got permission to enable some phone accessories for Child - Elder by . These are nonfunctioning accessories, as in you'll need (included) poseboxes. They will not replace the mobile phone.

The phones included are some flip phones by AvikaPang (however, their site is not letting me in), some recolours by myself and another person I can't find, and all of strawberrikhunnie's phones. :) I have included the three phone poseboxes by these creators as I can't find them anywhere. I take ZERO credit for any of these creations, I just enabled the phone accessories for all ages with permission where I could get it.

The flip phones with my recolours, gracefully modelled by Leif Garberson of SonderLifeSims' series, Rumour Has It, and Bryce Chao of my beloved BeinqNormalsNoFun's series, KIDS, as well as some screenshots I took when my regular game was acting up (apologies) for the smartphones.

snapshot_c0618040_c0619085 (1)

snapshot_8049e60b_404c85a4 (1)

IMG_10032014_011346 (1)


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