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McDonald's - Lot and Uniforms

Today I bring you a lot that I've been meaning to make for like a year holy shit Jeb and I completed it in one fucking night. (Thank yooouuuuu, Ritalin and extreme pressuring anxiety to get shit done...) It's a McDonald's, done in the boxy, modern style that so many are being converted over to lately, complete with everything from Filet O' Fish in wrappers, to discarded trays of food and advertisements on the windows. This was a large labour of love due to how much I needed this lot to look good. There are a few McDonald's lots floating around the interwebs, but none of them looked how I wanted them to. So, in true Jeb fashion, I just did it myself, down to the menu boards and Happy Meal toys in crappy plastic bags. 😁

Here's the video detailing the lot better than I ever could in still pictures:

As a tiny bonus, if you have Adele and Decorgal's Prop Hack you get a recolour of their coffee cup in the McCafe style.

I also made uniforms because I wanted modern ones to go with the look and feel of the place.

Here are the uniforms, in all colours, for Teens, Adults and Elders (EM not pictured because I'm an idiot who forgot to put those particular recolours in at the time):


The colour meanings are as follows (at least where I'm from):

Black with blue stripes - Shift supervisors and custodial workers.
Black with red stripes - Drive-thru and food baggers.
Black with grey stripes - Cashiers, new trainees.
Black with grey piping - Line cooks, fry cooks, and the kitchen staff.
Blue with black stripes - Management. Fear them.

(They all look snazzy as hell, no?)

In an effort to reduce lag and potential crashing/texture memory problems, no vehicles, mirrors, or reflective surfaces are included with this lot. The lot is zoned as residential because it's intended for story/machinima use and would be an utter laggy gongshow as a community lot on the best of computers. It has a residential mailbox and places for poseboxes and talk hacks on the second floor under the roof.

PLEASE USE CLEAN INSTALLER AND BACK UP YOUR GAME BEFORE INSTALLING. This lot requires all EP's/SP's and was made with M&G as the latest expansion, not Ultimate Collection. Apparently that's an important thing to denote because some lots made in UC can get... well, fucky, after a while. I am not responsible for anything exploding in your face. Use with caution and follow all of the directions. This lot has been cleaned of 99.9% of useless CEP mailbox/trashcan recolours afaik. You need CEP to run this lot, as well.

Please plonk the "Needed McDonald's CC" folder in your Downloads. Yep, it's a biggie, but I played it safe with making sure the base meshes were all there.

Download the lot here!

Download the uniform tops here! Meshes by Skell and Trapping included.
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