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Funny Money - Canadian Money Deco + Default Replacement


Happy Canada Day! Today I bring you two Canada-themed downloads that I'm very proud of. The first, above, is some deco Canadian money on three meshes. We just got a makeover of our money last year. It's plastic. That's really all I have to say.

The stacks are found in Deco - Misc for $1. The single bill (with optional loonies and toonies) is in Deco - Sculptures for $10.

Download here! Meshes included.


And here is the second part of that download. You get a default replacement of the ingame Simoleons with the Canadian $20 bill. I've never seen anyone do this before and really wanted it for my machinima. You cannot have any other replacements in your game for the Simoleon apart from this one. It's basegame compatible and I based the texturing off of these defaults just because they seemed to be the crispest. You cannot have his defaults and mine in at the same time, either. Sorry about that.

Download the default replacement here!

I am also offering defaults of old versions of the $20 bill because I had to make these for my own use and decided maybe someone would want them. I personally have been around for everything since the 1986/1993 editions were in full circulation so it's cool to see the evolution of our currency. You cannot have these and have other defaults in the game. I'll offer a Google Images link to what each looks like if you're not sure which one to pick.

Download the 2004 Edition here!

Download the 1993 Edition here!

Download the 1979 Edition here!

If anyone wants their own country's money made into default replacements, I'd be happy to give it a try. :)
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