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[last suburban refuge] 2000s TF Tops, Skirts, and Shorts


Ah, the mid-2000s. How I miss you so. There will never be anything like you ever again. Sun-filled days of preppy teens in polo shirts playing volleyball, suburban mothers driving their kids to MCR concerts in minivans, and everybody agreeing that Fall Out Boy was pretty frickin' awesome. The years before the recession were something that I like to savour in my memory as something a bit funner, a bit better, a bit more annoying because that one kid named Brandon wouldn't turn down his RAZR's Soulja Boy ringtone during class.

But, I digress.

Today I bring you a whole slew of fashions from that era, on the preppier side of things. This is part of my Valentine's gift to my beloved, as well as a gift to everyone who still can't get 1, 2, Step or Elevator out of their heads completely. I may not have been a prep, but I have an appreciation for anybody who could have regularly hit up a store whose lighting reminds me of a coal-mine during an electric brownout. And this is a bit of a homage to them. The school used in these shots was built for my beloved and will be used in his upcoming series, Wilde.




screen 1_2

Pictures of every clothing item are included in the zip! You'll need this mesh, and this one.

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