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It's 2016 and I'm Still Emo - 8 Hoodies for TM

I'm in a GREAT mood today, for someone with a fever and sore throat! Hello! I saw this mesh by the wonderful lovelacing and wanted to recolour it nine ways to Sunday - or, well, eight ways to Monday. I bring you eight hoodies, for your teen sims that are still emo in 2016. (Jeb actually got off his ass and made decent previews! Yay!)

You get 4 band hoodies (MCR, PATD!, FOB, and Arctic Monkeys), two Life is Strange designs, and two generic "emo" hoodies.

Sims2EP9 2016-02-22 15-56-36-84

Sims2EP9 2016-02-22 15-45-14-66

The PATD! hoodie has a back that looks like this:

Download here! Mesh by lovelacing included.
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