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Overwheres - Misomosono Overalls for TM

(Bigger image.)

Hello all, I'm still in the hospital (I was out! For three whole hours! theninearlydiedandhadtogoback...) and I'm feeling really dysphoric today, but I finally was able to create some bodyshop CC on this crappy laptop I'm borrowing and get the previews done. I'm really sick, but I mean, it gets boring just being in a hospital bed, so CC it was. My first offering is a gift for the lovely lovelacing for being the best person to ever exist, and also because he loves overalls.

Today we have a quick copypaste of misomosono's overalls for TM. The TM mesh has a few differences from the AM one, but such is life. These are bottom-only, therefore any top you put underneath will (probably) work just fine. However, I'm going to advise you guys to only use skintight tops.

Download here! Mesh included.

I'm sorry for the crappy preview, this laptop is from 2011
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