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Show Your Colours - Pride Flags

(Bigger image.)

Hello! I've been in the hospital (and still am, I'm using a laptop that isn't mine, as my desktop is at home) for acute kidney failure recently, and though I can't get my regular folders to run on this, I can still make you guys some stuff while I'm getting better. Today, I bring you some pride flags on a cheap curtain mesh by SimAddict99 (warning, TSR), edited by CrabOfDoom on GoS to not have a shadow. I've wanted something like this for a very long time, so here goes! I'm not very busy (being in a hospital bed and all...) so expect more in the future. If you want a certain flag, please request it in the comments section!

Some quick definitions for you all (starred ones are me!):

(*)Transgender: Identifying as a different gender than one's designated or expected sex/gender.
(*)Intersex: Being born with physical, hormonal, reproductive, or chromosomal traits that do not fall inside the "male/female" sex binary.
(*)Pansexual: Attraction to all genders and/or attraction to people regardless of gender.
Homosexual: Attraction to the same gender. This flag is also a generic "pride" flag for the LGBT+ spectrum.
Bisexual: Attraction to two or more genders.
Asexual: No or little/conditional sexual attraction to others.
Aromantic: No or little/conditional romantic attraction to others.

Download here! Edited meshes included. Files are clearly named so you know what is what.
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