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Starbucks (Advent Day Twenty-Five)

(Bigger image.)

Happy Holiday-of-Your-Choice! For my final gift of this year's advent, I bring you a full-fledged Starbucks for your sims to drink overpriced coffee in (...I've only been to Starbucks like five times in my entire life, cos poor :c). You need all EP's and SP's. This lot is not a "functional" lot right off the bat but can probably be used to sell stuff with OFB with the correct modifications. The back room is designed for poseboxes, as well as the upstairs, and it includes washrooms. You may need to delete the road pieces out front, I can't remember if I left them in or not.


(Bigger image.)

Download here! Please use Clean Installer. All needed meshes are included. (If you get flashing blue hedges, it'll go away if you open the lot and then exit again. It's just a Seasons glitch.) The lot can be rezoned without a hassle because a phone and a mailbox are included on the upper floor.

Here are some more previews:

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