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Kew Gardens - 4 Bed 2 Bath House (Advent Day Fourteen)

Happy day fourteen! Today I bring you a residential lot for your sims, based on this wanderingnewyork tumblr post. It had four bedrooms, and two bathrooms (one half bath, one full) as well as attic space for your "extra simming crap" needs. I like to create attics to turf all of my aspiration rewards and hobbying needs, personally.

The house itself costs $57,338 and has kitchen and toilet fixtures. I have included all needed meshes for this lot to work, but if anything is funky or flashing blue, please report it back to me! This lot requires all EPs and SPs. There are more interior pictures in the rar.

Here is the layout:

(Ground floor.)

(Upper floor.)


Download here! Meshes included. Please use Clean Installer.
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