2fingerswhiskey (2fingerswhiskey) wrote,

Winterified! - Snowy Tree Recolours (Advent Day One)

So today, for day one of December's brand-new Advent Calendar, I bring you some trees! Shown above are some Kativip recolours, and below, some crappy previews:

Miasmata Recolours

Granite Falls 4t2 Garden (sidenote, these came with a snowy neighbourhood state but not an actual recolour before I got my hands on them, which was weird)

Kativip CS Trees

I have extensively used these recolours for my machinima (why I created them in the first place, heh) and I can confirm they work amazingly in all weather states. However, they are not seasonal and are just recolours, so you'll have to manually colour them with each fallen snow.

Download here! All meshes are included, but you will need this set and this set in order to prevent flashing blueness. Don't blue yourself, guys.
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