2fingerswhiskey (2fingerswhiskey) wrote,

Family Reunion - 8 Plaid Button-Ups for TM

Today I bring you 8 button-ups for TM. I'm not in a talkative mood, so I'll just get right down to business... there are three types: four 70s/80s-style plaid shirts, two 90s/00s-style plaid shirts, and two 2010s-style plaid shirts (shown in the main preview). I took a lot of care with these. I didn't just slap the plaid texture on, it all works with the cut of the shirt for maximum stylin'.

70s/80s plaid. Could be useful for Marauders stuff too. (2020 update: Fuck JK Rowling. Fuck TERFS.) I added some buttons here and there, as was common on shirts I looked up. This is the entirety of my dad's wardrobe.

90s/00s pastel plaid. This is literally 90% of the men's section at my local Value Village. Kinda inspired by Queer as Folk.

If anyone wants to convert these to other ages, or wants me to, I will.

Download here. Mesh included.
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