2fingerswhiskey (2fingerswhiskey) wrote,

Original T-Shirt Do Not Steal - 8 Zazzle Poetry Shirts for TM

And here we have some Zazzle Poetry shirts for TM. I'd convert them for TF, but the text gets all muddled. :C I've had these done forever as a request but was convinced to put them up for a few meme loving fucks people.

First pic has: "do i look like i care about societal norms?", "what do straight people even do", "90% self loathing, 10% genuine fear of UFOs," and "computers don't get me because i'm nonbinary"

Second pic has: "without the warm glow of my laptop i begin to wilt", "im sorry its just that i literally do not care at all", "i found ur 2009 selfies", and "original tshirt do not steal"

Download here! Mesh included.
Tags: s2cc, sims 2, sims 2 cc, sims 2 download, sims 2 downloads, ts2 cc, ts2 downloads, ts2cc

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