May 19th, 2021

[TS4] Soap Opera - GTW Hand Sanitizer Recolours

Here's something for the TS4 crowd - and something relevant to today's world as a whole. It's some recolours of the Get to Work Freshmitz Foam Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, to look more like it could dispense soap. Or not. It's up to you! But the main thing is a little icon indicating that it's touchless - a modern and safe system that is useful to keep people from getting sick from sweaty paws and untrimmed claws.

"The Freshmitz Foaming Touchless Dispenser can dispense either soap or sanitizer! But keep your paws off. This dispenser works with just a wave of the hand. Your immune system will thank you!"

Find it in Wall Decor for $150.

Download here! Get to Work is required!

(This will not work with The Sims 2. It will only work with The Sims 4.)