March 21st, 2021

Snack Time - Default Replacements for Maxis Foods

This is a theme entry for The Wright Stuff on GoS!

Hello! This has been an extremely weird week, but whatever. Before my root canal on the 23rd (a tooth shattered), I wanted to dump some CC out into the world! I wanted to update these because none of the available replacements looked very 2021-modern to me, or had a pretty bad texture size that meant zooming in was a crunchy, pixellated nightmare. But, no more!

I put my observation skills to the test with this one and tried my hardest to make them look very similar to real brands without actively ripping one off. I also tried to use Maxis textures or imagery but that didn't work out so enjoy my shoddy graphic design. 

Each default comes in Simlish or English.

Baked, Not Fried - Maxis Chips Default

This is a default of the Maxis chips/crisps! You get a more modern look, and a pun at the same time! The back of the bag contains nutrition facts and a little blurb, as well as a glue fold, like all foil-wrapped bags have! 

Also, if anyone wonders why I called the brand name "Apples of the Earth" - it's a pun on the French word for potatoes.

Get the chips in English!

Get the chips in Simlish!

Orange Juice - Maxis Juice Default

Canned juice isn't super common where I'm from, but I tried to roll with it and go with the most common of canned juices - Orange! If you don't like that flavour... uh, sorry, I guess? But this is what you get.

The top of the can is textured to somewhat match what Maxis was going for in a higher resolution. Includes other stuff like nutrition facts on the back.

Get the juice in English!

Get the juice in Simlish!

It's Instant - Maxis Instant Meal Default

I struggled the most with this one, and what direction to take it in - because instant meals, or liquid meal replacements, are not usually canned and most replacements went with beer or soft drinks. The meal replacements I did look at IRL didn't inspire much of a design idea in me, either. (They were boring and also looked nasty. My mother likes them, and I've never understood it.)

So, after much debating, I made it look like it's strawberry flavoured and leaned into the silliness of it all! It even has some little icons advising you not to stick it in the oven or microwave, because of course a sim would think to do that.

Get the instant meal in English!

Get the instant meal in Simlish!