April 30th, 2020

Wheels Keep On Turning - 10 DR2 Wheelchair Recolours

I totally forgot to post these. Your sims get sick too, and with the whole world getting sick... hospitals need wheelchairs! A bit of a tip: these chairs are not the kind that you see for regular wheelchair users anymore, but moreso in hospitals, amusement parks, shopping centres, etc - most modern wheelchairs look much different. The original mesh is converted from Dead Rising 2, and came in blue. It's included.

This file works as a dining chair, so no, your sims will not actually get to "use" it as intended - it's for stories! However, these animations of mine may help. 

(The brown chair is what inspired this. Going through old photos, I found a photo of my great-grandmother - whom I never met. She was sitting in a chair just like that one and looked rather beautiful. So I thought, why not make these?)

Download at SimFileShare or Mediafire! Mesh included!