December 28th, 2019


Studious - Cynnix 3t2 Kippah Recolours (Seventh Night of Eight)

This has been... a situation.

I had been wrestling a kippah mesh all week with my amazing friend, TheMixedBagOfWhat, who did most of the accessory stuff. With some help from lovely GoS folks, we were able to get this mesh... functioning, but not perfect! It's a 3t2 conversion of CloudWalkerNZ's Kippah. I'm totally not able to make accessories myself, so I just handled the recolours and some last-minute coding to try and help the situation. The teen mesh had problems beyond our capacity to fix - it's too high up. I'd tried my darndest at fixing it myself but nothing really helped - in fact, I made the problem ten times worse, so, I just left the mesh as is.

And then... I found this. Cynnix, the magical Cynnix, had already converted it six years ago! SO HERE YOU GO! My recolours, on THAT mesh! *screams exasperatedly*

Onto the download!

You get ten recolours - white, black, blue, and a bunch of crochet and knit ones for all ages and genders. Yep - no matter what, your sim can wear one of these, and Cynnix made it layerable with other accessories!

^ This is the original texture by CloudwalkerNZ!

Download here! Mesh included.