December 24th, 2019


Keep Shining - 6 Hanukkah Sweaters for CU (Third Day of Eight)

So sorry for the late post! Today has been hectic. It feels like a speedrun to get everything done!

Tonight we have 6 Hanukkah sweaters for children of all genders to keep warm and cozy. They're on a mesh by Trapping.

They say:

  • 8 Nights of Presents Are Better Than One

  • Dreidel World Wide Champion 2020

  • That's How I Roll

  • Oy To The World

  • Keep Shining

  • I Love You A Latke

Download here! Mesh included!
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Lots of Clothing & Accessories! (Advent Day Twenty-Four)

We're finally at day Twenty-Four! But watch out for a Christmas present and a New Year's Gift too!

Here are some clothing recolours for your sim kiddies to enjoy, and some accessory snow boots by Peggy, given a fresh lick of paint!

Yeti or Not - 10 Xmas Tees for CU

Here's some simple holiday tees by Carter's/Oshkosh for your sim children to wear during the rest of the winter (or summer?) break. They're on a 4t2 mesh by MDP, converted for children by Rented-Space!

The shirts include:

  • Cool Santa

  • Frozen 2

  • Happy New Year T-Rex

  • Made The Nice List

  • Yeti or Not

  • Cyclops Yeti

  • Eiffel Tower w/Christmas Lights

  • Unicorn Sleigh

  • Bring on The Presents

  • Unicorn & Penguin Decorating Tree

Download here! Mesh included.


Snowball - 8 Xmas Sweaters for CU

And of course, here's some sweaters for your kids to play in the snow with or just chill by the fire! (No pun intended.) They are on a mesh by Trapping!

Sweaters include:

  • Dear Santa, I Can Explain

  • Peace on Earth

  • Hangin' With My Snowmies

  • I Can Fly! (Penguin on Skis)

  • Happy Holla Days

  • Fa La La La Llama

  • Santa's Helper

  • Snowball Fight Champ

Download here! Mesh included.


Mou - Peggy 120108 Boots Accessory Retextured

These boots were a favourite of mine when they first came out, but they've been in dire need of a makeover ever since. So, I set to it! It turns out they're not modelled after short-necked Uggs, but after a company called Mou! These are for Teen to Elder sims and feature five colours taken from Mou's site - grey, beige, brutalist grey, black, and blue!

They work best if your sim is wearing bare-footed bottoms.

Download here! Mesh included.

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