December 22nd, 2019


We Shall Play - 3t2 Baufive Dreidel (First of Eight Nights)

Happy Hanukkah! I hope everyone has a safe, happy, and bright first night. Tonight's gift is a 3t2 conversion of Baufive's Dreidel, including some retextures by me.

Included are six recolours, including a "beginner's dreidel" almost identical to one I was encouraged to use when helping with a Hanukkah event one time. It has English text instead of Hebrew so one understands the rules more easily.

I would love it if anyone were to make this into a toy that sim kids could play with (like the horse, boat, rocket ship, etc from the toybox) because I can't figure out how to do it when an object has two groups!

Download here! Found in Deco - Misc for $18.

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Elfed Up - 18 Xmas Shirts for AM (Advent Day Twenty-Two)

Here's 18 cheeky Christmas shirts guaranteed to be a hit with AM sims! They're on a 4t2 MDP mesh, so expect the TS4 versions in a little bit! I was inspired by the amount of silly shirts I've been seeing in recent weeks. Seriously, there's some really funny ones out there. Sadly, the really funny ones also prove hard to find good, clear images for texturing purposes... so these moderately funny ones will have to do. I've also included one or two "Aussie Christmas" shirts for my Australian friends.

For the TS4 version, click here!

The shirts include:

  • Black Santa Laughing

  • I Saw That, You Nasty (Santa Pointing)

  • Merry Christmas, Mate (Kangaroo with Red Nose)

  • I Bless The Reins Down In Africa

  • I Love It When You Call Me Big Poppa (Fat Santa Posing)

  • Deck The Hills Hoist (Aussie)

  • Santa Loves This Guy (Thumbs Pointing, Indeed, At "This Guy")

  • Too Lit To Quit (Lit Christmas Tree)

  • Stay Woke (Santa Sneaking By Door)

  • I'm Here For The Presents (Grinch Smiling)

  • Make The Yuletide Gay (Rainbow Tree and Text)

  • Merry Pitmas (Cute Pitbull Dog in a Santa Hat)

  • It's The Most Wonderful Time for a Beard (Santa Hat and Beard)

  • You All Get Coal (Santa Holding Scroll)

  • Cold As Balls (Snowman with Snowballs)

  • Pete's Schweddy Balls - "No One Can Resist My Balls" (Classic SNL Skit)

  • Get Elfed Up

  • Buffalo Plaid Reindeer on Knit Red Shirt

Download here! Mesh by MDP included.

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