December 2nd, 2019

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Four Eyes - 4 Pairs of Glasses for Teen-Elder (Advent Day Two)

For Advent Day two, I bring you four hand-drawn pairs of glasses for teen to elder sims! They are based off of
Prida Eyeglasses No. 2 and are Base Game compatible! They look great on any sim and are very, very low-poly so performance issues are never a problem.

The four pairs include:
  • Round Gradient: Buddy Holly-style glasses that fade from black to semi-opaque at the bottom of the frame. Very masculine and timeless.
  • Oval: classic early 2000s metal-framed glasses in faux gold. Outdated yet practical, often used as reading glasses or for older sims.
  • Square: a modern style with thin metal sides and a matte black appearance. Extremely sleek and chic, for a modern sim.
  • Cat Eye: making a comeback, some pointed-edge frames reminiscent of midcentury designs. Very feminine, with tiny rhinestones included.
There may be some pixellation close-up. This is the result of the mesh itself, I can't fix that. 

Download here! Mesh included.

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