December 1st, 2019

December Announcement!

From December 1st to 24th, I will be posting my regular TS2 Christmas Advent Calendar full of CC! But this year, I've decided to also do something special to honour some of my closest friends and my partner's own family heritage! I will be doing... (drumroll please) Eight Nights, which is a Hanukkah themed TS2 CC gift posting schedule, from December 22nd to the 30th. Then on December 31st, special New Year's Gifts!

So, a full month of gifts! Keep your eyes open! I hope that there will be something for all of you to enjoy.

I may even sneak under the tree/menorah/kinara/festivus pole some special TS4 conversions of one or two of my gifts, which will be marked clearly so nobody downloads the wrong thing.
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Family - 6 Cassandre Ornament Recolours (Advent Day One)

Why not start this year's advent calendar off with what means the most to many people - family? Whether it's family by birth, marriage, circumstance or choice, we all tend to end up with at least some people who will put up with us for long enough to celebrate the holidays with! 

The six ornaments say:
  • Baby's 1st Xmas (in pink or blue)
  • There's no place like HOME for the holidays
  • This Is Us
  • 2019
  • Family (within a heart)

I have also taken the liberty to reduce the poly count of Cassandre's ornament mesh from ten bazillion (I think it was like 15k? I can't remember) to around 1000 or so. Don't quote me on that, but I believe that an ornament does not need to make your game flash pink. You can use her mesh (not included) or my edit of her mesh (included) but not both. Let my file overwrite hers.

It may look slightly more angular/less detailed at the top but it's nothing you can see from far away.

Download here! My mesh edit included.

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