August 22nd, 2019

Plain and Simple - Adele Simple Walls Revamped


Most wall recolours these days just have crown and kick moulding that looks wonderful... but such fancy stuff doesn't always ring true to the houses I want to build! My own room only has kick moulding, and most of the rooms I've ever lived in had nothing. So, what gives? Adele made some wonderful Simple Walls years and years ago - and I've loved them ever since! However, they came in a whopping five colours. I'm here to give you 28!

Simple Walls.... for when you just want a coat of paint and can't be fussed to install no fancy wood bits on ya darn walls.

I've made colours in both pastels, darks, and medium tones, as well as neutrals and basics like white, grey, and black. I've tried my best and may add more recolours in the future! If you want even more colours, check out my Pinterest board full of walls and floors that I've made! :D

Download here!

If you'd like, my birthday is a week into September and I'd really love to buy myself a haircut with a psoriasis-friendly business. I'd be forever thankful if someone like you could help me! Thank you for your support!