July 7th, 2019

Masthead - 14 Canadian Flags

Canada Week has come to a close! Enjoy this final Canadian upload.

Canada is a country of many, many awesome flags - so I've decided to make them all on Anye's Wall Fabric mesh! I know this is useful to maybe 3 people and a goat, but I hope you at least get to appreciate how neat our provinces and territories are. The flag above is the Canadian flag. (Expect to see it on backpacks, sweaters, random mittens, etc in the real world. We're everywhere.)

The next flags are of the most populated "main" provinces. I'm from British Columbia. Gee, couldn't guess the name from that flag, eh? ;D

The next are the Maritimes, or Atlantic Canada, which has awesome architecture, culture, and BADASS FLAGS:

And up next we have the territories - our North - which make up the final three. WHO DIDN'T TELL ME THAT YUKON AND NWT HAD A DOG ON ITS FLAGS? I LOVE DOGS. 

I hope you find some use for these!

Download here! Mesh included.