June 28th, 2019

Have Heart - 2 Pride Backpack Recolours for All Ages


This pride month, I have been quite busy - new kittens and all - but I have had time to make some CC to celebrate with! Pride is a month - or a season - of celebrating LGBT+ identities and the fight we've made for our rights. Our local pride isn't until August 4th but we do pride-related stuff all summer long, too! And one of the things that I've seen out and about is backpacks with a diagonal flag. Be it a national flag, a football team, provinces, or pride flags, flag bags seem to be kinda trendy. So I've made two of them on Theraven's 3t2 Uni backpack mesh for all ages.

You get the choice of a black or white bag. There's no other pride flags as my computer ran into some issues right after I finished the black bag and I was unable to recover the project file. I'll try in the future, though! :D

The straps also come with little flags on them as well as the sides of the bags. Snazzy.

(I'm actually kind of surprised at how well these turned out. I've never recoloured this mesh beyond a bag with patches all over it for a specific sim and it's quite an easy mesh to recolour!)

Download here! Mesh by Theraven included.

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Hear The Love - Pride Earbud Recolour

Inspired by hydro dipping and some similar TS4 stuff, I've also made a pride earbud recolour! Gryning made a wonderful earbud conversion recently and the opportunites for using this are endless. It's just one colour, and is an accessory for teen-elder. The rainbow is on the front surface and the rest of it is white, much like a normal wireless earbud. 

They're not perfect but I really like them. This mesh is extremely hard to recolour as its texture is tiny - TINY! - and I can't figure out how to make it larger yet. I think these are super cute, regardless.

Download here! Mesh by Gryning included.

If you'd like, please help me beat the heat.