June 16th, 2019

Strike Gold - 12 Graphic Sweaters for TF


To strike gold is to find something amazing in a sea of not-so-amazing. So imagine me finding the inspiration photos for these sweaters on a Korean clothing blog! I had to slap them on Theraven's conversion right away and in many cases hand-paint them myself! :D You get 12 sweaters for TF in various motifs. Up above are symbols - on mute, a mountain, and recycling.

TThese three were my main reason for creating these sweaters - cute hearts on the elbows with some nice colour blocking, and one grey sweater that was just too lovely to not make! I'm a guy, but if you think I wouldn't wear some cute stuff on my elbows, you're dead wrong. ;D

These next three look like four, but one is just a turnaround - a bear paw with a bear against some Northern Lights. Very wilderness-y! The other two are a nice mandala and some fern fronds. Definitely my favourite of the bunch!

The next three are sort of miscellaneous. Some nice flowers with coloured sleeves and hems, a fuzzy hedgehog, and a PlayStation themed shirt (with no English on it, so anyone can use it!).

Download here! Mesh by Theraven included.

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