February 14th, 2019

First Crush - 4 Valentines Tees for CU

Happy Valentine's Day! (How is yours going? I have a movie date with my partner.) For kids, it means passing around premade cards from cheap boxes, wearing heart-themed stuff, making little "mailboxes" on their desks... etc! So much CC is for older sims, but here's some for your kids who are just in it for the chocolate, cartoons, and maybe getting some cooties from a hug on the playground! :O

These four shirts use an included mesh by WeBluePeace and read:
Roses are grey. Violets are grey. [Drawing of a cute corgi.] I'm a dog.
[Drawing of a Venus fly trap.] Feed me and tell me I'm pretty!
I like you a waffle lot. [Smiling waffle drawing, with arms and legs, blushing.]
Llove You Llong Time [Drawing of a llama holding a pink heart.]

Download here! Mesh included.