January 28th, 2019

Basic Cable - CASSISxSlox Sinda TV Made Functional (Collab with 0201-sims)

And now... a collab! *horn toot noises* 

0201-sims converted this AMAZINGLY late 90s/early 2000s television set, but I was dismayed to learn that it was only decorative! All I had to do was remesh the screen twice and cry once, before finally realising something... the TV screen on that 70s floor model Maxis made is a dead ringer. I didn't have to adjust a THING. It fit perfectly in Milkshape and I was VERY pleased. 

After finally getting it working and posting a WIP, I messaged them - 0201-sims gladly agreed to help me enable the mesh to be recoloured, and viola - I got to make a Simlish recolour, for everyone who wants that, too!

The TV is placeable on any surface, works nicely with OMSPs, and doesn't float an inch off the top of the surface, like some custom TVs tend to. Every EP function is enabled as far as I know - but it should work just fine with the basegame. This doesn't replace their original TV, either, so you can have both deco and this version, if you should so desire! :D

here! :D

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