December 23rd, 2018

Babbles - Baby & Toddler Posebox (Advent Day Twenty-Three)

It's Christmas Eve Eve, and thus, time for something big! A posebox, in fact! Thank you to my friend Allie for helping me out with this!

These are a set of mother/baby or mother/toddler poses - something that we're sorely lacking! Some of the baby poses are a little messed up, as such... but I think they'll work just fine for storytelling purposes!

You need this set of OMSPs for this to work properly and to adjust the poses if they don't fit quite right for your sim's outfits.

Here are the poses:

Sitting Down and Breastfeeding

Laying Down and Breastfeeding

Sitting and Holding Baby

Sitting on Floor

Lay in Crib on Back

Cry in Crib

Download here!

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