December 22nd, 2018

Longest Night - Yule and Solstice Cards (Advent Day Twenty-Two)

Sorry about the late upload! I'm not feeling very well, and these cards had MAJOR issues I had to sort out with the texture sizing... D:

Happy Solstice and a Blessed Yule!

Here are some Yule and Winter Solstice cards for your sims to enjoy. They are decorative only and use cat3cm's meshes (which are included, with thanks)! Both of these holidays are quite ignored in the community, but I know enough people who would genuinely enjoy these. Each card has text inside and I'm giving permission if you want to edit it in SimPE to have your sim's names inside!

They can be found in Deco > Sculptures for $50.

  • Happy Winter Solstice
  • Hare and Stonehenge
  • Warm Wishes on Winter Solstice
  • The Moon in Her Phases and the Tides of the Sea, The Sun's Shortest Days Mark The Year Yet to Be
  • Good Yule
  • Yule Wreath
  • Yuletide Blessings (feat. black cat)
  • Yuletide (pun inside!)
  • Happy Winter Solstice
  • Yuletide Blessings
  • Warm Wishes on your Winter Solstice (with a blurb)

  • On the shortest day and the longest night... We Celebrate Winter Solstice
  • Deer holding up the moon
  • Old Man Winter in a nature scene
  • Mother Nature, her owl, and the wheel of time
  • Mother Nature and the phases of the moon and sun

Download here! Meshes included.

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