December 19th, 2018

A Little Support - Arm Braces on BLoom's Glove Mesh (Advent Day Nineteen)

Arm braces are something many people wear for many reasons - wrist weakness, typing jobs, carpal tunnel, injuries, sprains, muscle decay, etc. They're incredibly versatile and useful - I need a pair myself for wrist weakness - and thus I made some for our TS2 counterparts on BLoom's glove mesh (and JulieJ's conversion for men).

Some clipping may occur, but generally, I think they're very good and I welcome more recolours! Most of the texture was done by hand and I'm really proud of it.

It's for teens and adults, and comes in the three colours that are pretty standard, medically: black, white, and beige. They are bump mapped and will sometimes have clipping, but usually look great and will stay on no matter what your sim is wearing! :D

Some clipping examples:

Download here! Meshes included.

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