December 18th, 2018

Sleeping Rough - Steffor Under the Stairs Bed Remeshed (Advent Day Eighteen)

Not all of us have a comfy apartment or home or even roof over our heads this month. This download is dedicated to those who will be spending the holidays homeless. My city has some of the most prevalent homeless areas in the country and many people do not make it out. I wanted to bring some much-needed attention to this.

This is Steffor's Under the Stairs floor bed remeshed. I removed the weird cushions and remapped it slightly, improving the texture quality. It's functional as a double bed should be but the animations will be a little off as it's on the floor and not bed-height. It has multiple textures for multiple situations, and is fully recolourable. It has no pillows (add your own with OMSPs) but can be used normally.

Download here!

I want to ask you now to take a moment and see if you can put together a kit for even one person, or buy a bag of food or toiletries to donate to a food bank. Go and ask a homeless person you see if they need anything such as deodorant, a hot meal, socks, a coat, and help them out. Forge a conversation. Gift cards also work for food banks and people alike, as does cash. Google your local mutual aid or charitable organisations and help to give back. Many people affected by climate disasters (such as those in California) will be spending the holidays in tents. Check in on your loved ones as well as those you may not know and make sure they're alright. If none of this is applicable where you are, consider buying much needed medical supplies for a clinic or nonprofit through a reputable organisation, or making a donation to a library to fund new books for low-income kids. We can all help.