December 15th, 2018

School Recital - 2 Outfits for CF (Advent Day Fifteen)

Everyone always had mixed feelings about the school's holiday recital - be it a nativity play, a sing-along, a talent show, or a pancake breakfast with random vignettes. Ours was an arts school, so we often had live music, a choir, dances, plays, sing-alongs... ALL OF IT, in one night. And what was the WORST about it was the darned costumes everyone was forced to buy or make, to sort-of look the same despite none of it looking cohesive... so here's two variations of a costume that once was the bane of my own childhood choir existence! We had to wear these to a senior's centre, the mall, on risers where everyone would step on each other's toes, etc etc etc... but they were cute, in retrospect!

The outfit features a skirt with two glittery gold stars, in red or blue, with panty hose and Mary-Jane style shoes. The top is also glittery gold, with red or blue sleeves. All of the textures are taken from Maxis except for the glitter, which is from some glittery free-to-use card stock. They're classified as Everyday because I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to change outfit categories on separates! D: (Help!)

Download here! Skirt mesh included, Top requires OFB!

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