December 11th, 2018

Tree Pose - 4 Xmas Yoga Pants Recolours for AF & TF (Advent Day Eleven)

I loved these yoga pants that rented-space converted so much. I don't own a pair myself, but I used to wear a lot of them as a kid (they're comfy!) and themed ones were my FAVOURITES. I bring you four Christmas recolours - including the tackiest pair of pants I wish I could get to light up on their own so badly that I tried for hours last night (and failed, miserably). The name comes from a similarly-named yoga position - however, I like to picture these being worn to the mall on a Saturday as you rush to get your last-minute shopping done with a coffee in one hand. D:

Each pair is the same for AF & TF and features white shoes and a coloured waistband. Everyday only.

here! Meshes included.

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