December 2nd, 2018

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Love You A Latke - 25 Hanukkah Wall Writing Recolours

Tis the season for latke, sufganiyah, chocolate gelt, and more delicious treats - as well as beautiful lights, dreidel games, songs, stories of miracles, celebration, community, and family togetherness. There's nothing quite like Hannukkah. I'm not Jewish myself - my partner is, as are many of my friends - but I have attended the first night before to help set up the tables and cook the food under supervision. I was so uplifted by the entire night. This set is dedicated to that wonderful, peaceful, but... elated feeling. I hope that your Jewish sims can find something they like in this Hanukkah set. I mostly sourced from Google Images, Etsy, Party City, and Target.

Each of the pictured items are separate, but I have grouped them to save time and screenshot bandwidth! c:

I really hope y'all love this set, it was a labour of love and hurting shoulders to get everything looking as good as possible! c:

Download here! Mesh is included.

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