October 28th, 2018

Signal to Noise - 8-3 Antique TV Made Functional

This is an entry for the GoS monthly theme, Eureka! and Time Warp.

So, I use this TV a lot in my game, but it baffled me why it was only deco! It's such a cute little early 1980s TV. All of the parts were there... it seems it may have been beyond the original creator. So I remade the screen (it was a bit wonky) and did the usual - and now we have a version sims can actually enjoy. It comes with a large set of rabbit ears and beautiful full colour! I find it funny that this TV is called an antique, because people still widely use them for coding and gaming.

For kicks, I made a little ad that was based off of one I saw in a magazine for RCA Victor, who made this TV in real life. This is not repository - you don't need the original one for this one to work! It is placeable on all surfaces as far as I can tell, and your sims can perform all EP functions on it, if you have them.

Download here or at GoS!

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