October 1st, 2018

Skella Rad - 8 Goth Tees for TF

IT IS TIME, MY FRIENDS, FOR THE SPOOKY SEASON HAS ARRIVETH. Halloween is my favourite holiday and autumn is once again stirring in my heart. And my wrist. I slipped on my front steps and torqued my left wrist while holding onto a railing. That sucks, but luckily these screenshots were already made so I didn't have to do anything but type this!

It is time... for 8 "Goth" tees (not... really, but Lilith Pleasant-y at least) for your TF sims! I accidentally screenshotted one twice, so, uh, ignore that. Surprise tee #8!

Download here! Mesh included.

If you have a moment, please donate to my PayPal. Anything helps with my pain management costs. Thank you to the people who have already donated - you rock!