September 28th, 2018

Jocks - Adidas Track Jackets for AM & TM

Where have I been? (Asked nobody at all, because who gives a shit, Jeb.) Well, I received a back injury shortly after my birthday, and have been healing. I have also been helping a close friend with designing homes for her sims as it's something I could do while half-laying in my chair with a heating pad on my back (or ice). It turns out I had developed sciatica - three weeks in pyjama pants and I'm still sucking up generic Advil Extra Strength like no tomorrow because my Gabapentin does nothing for sciatica! I've had problems with standing for long periods of time and have numbness in most of my legs but I can walk (a feat that took multiple days). I've made maybe three journeys outside my house in three weeks. It's been absolutely terrible, however, I'm good at pain management, so here's a download, anyways!

This is the standard jacket of many subcultures around the world - too many to name here, but around me, it's fully jock territory. Inspired by both that and my friend in Eastern Europe who is surrounded by these jackets daily, I've made two versions of the iconic Adidas Track Jacket fo your adult and teen male sims to enjoy! Everything is hand-drawn, down to me redrawing the logo to look good at a low resolution. This took me multiple hours and I can say I'm extremely proud of what I've accomplished and how close I was able to get the jackets to the ones I see in real life. I hope you love it, too!

All of the colours are official colours provided by Adidas on their website's jacket selection!

The first style is classic - plain and rugged, ready for anything in its muted white/grey, grey, black, and navy blue.

The diamond weave of each jacket and its covered-zipper pockets make it ideal for outdoor situations, rain or shine.

The second style has seamless piping and comes in four brighter, bolder colours - powder blue, red, pale pink and green.

Each of these jackets is guaranteed to turn heads with its sleek piping and thermal core.

Download here! Meshes included!


If you can, please spare some change! Here is my PayPal. Even a dollar (or euro, pound, yen, franc, won, ruble, etc) would really help. I am currently living on less than two dollars in my bank account, and have resorted to scraping together spare change to afford pain relief gels and pills for my back, but it's very expensive ($16 for generic Advil 400mg, $12 for generic pain gel, plus my heating pad is almost dead). Anything helps! <3 You are all appreciated! :D

All of my downloads are provided for free and will always remain free of links, scams, or shorteners. If you see any of my downloads being advertised on or linked to via a shortening service, I am not receiving any money off of it. Please alert me immediately. This has been an issue for a few days now and it's really frustrated me.