June 1st, 2018

Windows 98 Default Computer Screen Replacement

(Play this for full effect.)

Windows 98 is upon us! I mean, *cough* my Obsolete Tech project continues, A FREAKING YEAR later! I started off with these computer monitors, and intended to follow up with this quickly, and then simply just... forgot to actually take good screenshots of it. :I But, yeah! These are intended to fit together for that true obsolete tech experience.

Get ready for Y2k! Guaranteed to not explode, maim, or harm you! Browse the World Wide Web for such things as Web-Blogs and Net-Chats! Bond over topics such as Beanie Babies, the Backstreet Boys, or Bill Clinton! Whatever your fancy, our standard in-built 56 kbit/s Dial-Up modulator–demodulator system will have you there within the hour.* AltaVista is installed, along with AOL. AIM instant messenger feature is not pictured.

Included is a free Word Processor for all of your documents. Ready to hook up to any PS/2 capable printer, fax machine, or Xerox to get your message out there as quickly as you can speak it!*

With quick* and easy* E-Mail and Job Search software, you can easily apply for the job you want* and browse dozens of web-sites catering to your job-hunting needs. E-Mail is the new fad. No more licking stamps or rushing out to find the right envelope size! E-Mail is truly digital and instant!* All you need is your own E-Mail address, and those of your friends! Write them down on a piece of paper, as well as their pager number, so they can receive your messages on the fly!

With Job Listings, it integrates seamlessly* with our Job Search software to find you the job that you need at the click of a mouse! Browse such fascinating sites as BBC, GeoCities, Slate, Yahoo!, Live Journal, MSN, AOL, Ask Jeeves, and AngelFire pages!

Download here!

*Absolutely not guaranteed, and the help line for this has been redirected to the sound of an intern sobbing. Please see the SE upgrade for details.

This is a default replacement and will affect every computer in your game, so make sure to remember where you put it!

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