May 16th, 2018

Assorted Laminates Wood Floors

It's been far too hot to post, and also, my local area is on flood alert, so I've been busy suffering.

Today I bring you some wide laminate wood flooring in three colours: light, medium, and dark.

They're perfect for anything, really. I have similar dark flooring in my living room - cheap enough for anyone to buy, yet sturdy enough to handle anything. Often found in dance studios, coffee shops, and waiting rooms of modern persuasion.

Anyone is welcome to recolour them :)

Download here!

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MLC Photo Ladder Picture Separated

I love MLC's Photo Ladder so much! But sometimes, I just want to use ONE picture, not all of them. So, I made a wall version of the frames hanging in the ladder, that's easily recolourable! It's not repositoried because each time I tried the mapping somehow went all funny on me, but MLC gave me permission to upload this so I shall :D

It's the exact size of a regular photo print that you'd get from developing it at a store and then framing it, making it useful for people who don't want HUGE family photos but still wanna clutter up their walls! You get a bunch of recolours and three frame colours (grey, black, and white), as well as English or Simlish versions (clearly labelled) of some of the art.

[Image Descriptions: Three drawn figures with hearts in their hands, a dog against a red background, a wolf in a triangle surrounded by woods, a rainbow amidst splatter art, and the Union Flag under a grungy filter]

[Image Descriptions: Simlish and English "More Coffee Please" against a white background, and Simlish and English "Lettuce Turnip The Beet" vector graphics]

[Image Descriptions: Multicoloured cogwheels on a dark blue background, multicoloured pineapples on a light wood background, light wood panel broken by a white strip of paint, "Hustle Hella Hard" in Simlish and English against a pastel background]

[Image Descriptions: Plumbobs laying on their side patterned, blue photo of the night sky, a blue cartoon sloth smiling while hanging from a branch, a child's painting of a mosque against a sunset sky, a child's drawing of a crab in the middle of the ocean surrounded by marine life]

Download here!

Please consider chucking some spare change my way on PayPal to help with my medication costs.