April 12th, 2018

Juiced Up - Budgie Fruit Puree Recolours

Hi! It's been a slight while. I've been dealing with worsening chronic pain, so my uploads are definitely less frequent. :I

(Clearspring Organics and HCPlus juice packets.)

Here are Budgie2Budgie's Fruit Puree 4t2 conversions with some recolours - toddler squishy meals and purees, some juices, and Capri Sun type stuff.

Heinz packaged foods for toddlers and teethers! They never had anything like this when I was young. Apple & Mango sounds delicious. *resists urge to try it because I'm 22*

Peter Rabbit Organics and Ella's Kitchen juices from the UK.

Some hand-designed juices for those who don't want branding. Watermelon juice is delicious and refreshing yet people hate it. :(

Download here! Mesh by Sims-Influence included.

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