October 27th, 2017

Size Matters - Fat TM Conversions Set

Your teen male sims have exactly three body shapes: ripped, thinnish, and a little puppy chub. But what about the TM sims that are bigger? Where's their representation? So I took a bunch of meshes and made a bunch of textures for them, converted some stuff for this size, and had fun the entire time!

Your everyday and athletic choices are some laid-back, modern-styled t-shirts with jeans and sweatpants. The layered tees are for everyday and athletic, while the tees with jeans are simply for everyday use. :D

For athletics, you get my jogging outfit recolours sized up with Maxis shoes!

And, of course, nude. It is G-rated and you'll have to figure out a way to make your sim change into this when they shower because I have no darned clue.

Here are three comfy pyjama recolours for when your teen sims need their beauty rest!

The undies are in two simple styles from rented-space.

Swimwear! Three styles for three personality types - two from rented-space, one from aquilegia!

Download it all here! Meshes by Lifa and Fox included.

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