October 14th, 2017

Always Okay - 8 Baggy Sweaters for TF

I am a proud supporter of baggy sweater culture and would love some of these in real life to get comfy in as the leaves fall, the rain... rains, and the coffee brews. Yes, PLEASE. Fall is my favourite season. I'm not a sunny weather guy. Give me the chill. Give me the pumpkin spice. Give it. Now. *eye twitches, needs caffeine, may or may not be writing this at three in the morning*

You get eight baggy sweaters for your TF sims, in various themes, perfect for this sort of thing! :D These sweaters are always okay, for all types of situations.

Download here! Mesh included.

Wanna give me some money for coffee and a treat to sustain my tired flesh suit for another few hours? Donate here. Any amount helps! A coffee is cheap. So that would be nice.