May 2nd, 2017

Sims3D Playground Set 3t2

Here was a massive project I undertook over the course of an entire day. Converting Sims3D's playground set, retexturing it, remapping it, learning to do a bunch of shit to make it nice, and recolouring it about six times over in clean and grungy colour palettes.

I can't argue enough how utterly beautiful the textures look up-close, though!

You get two deco pieces - a tower object, and a see-saw, and one functional object (if you have AL), the slide! These meshes are slightly high-poly but not enough to make a real issue out of it, and the textures for all of them are either in 2048 or 1024 so beware if you have a 2GB or lower graphics card in spamming these all over.

Download here! Requires Apartment Life if you want the slide.