December 25th, 2016

The LGBT Centre (Advent Day Twenty-Five)

I'm so happy to bring you advent day twenty-five, because it's my favourite lot everrrr. This is The LGBT Centre, which is a community centre of sorts for LGBT+ sims to be themselves in a safe space. I've made a bunch of custom recolours for this lot because why not, and all of them are, of course, included. This lot requires all EP's and SP's, and has a parking lot with those dynamic parking spaces MogHughson made. I myself am a pansexual transman who is also intersex (isn't that a mouthful...) and would love if there was a space this cool for myself and the people I know and love. I made sure that the lot was inclusive to sims in wheelchairs for storytelling/machinima purposes (larger washroom stall, wheelchair ramp, etc).

Alright! Onto the lot itself. You get six distinct areas.

The first is an outdoor space with a memorial garden, spongepainted picnic tables, and an outdoor art space for pro-LGBT+ art.

The second is the entryway, where you can buy some gear or magazines to help fund the centre, as well as get some snacks or inquire about meetings.

The third is a support group style room, with a full kitchen for anyone who may be hungry, or wants to bake. Your sims can come here for weekly meetings.

The fourth is the art room, where creative types can sit and have a space to express themselves fully with organised (and disorganised, heh) art projects. Someone's donated some of their old couches to create a cool sitting space, too.

The fifth is the library, stocked full with informative and historical donated LGBT+ materials, as well as another informal meeting area for smaller groups to organise rallies and protests on the donated furniture.

The sixth is a common community room with a pool and foosball table, musical instruments, donated computers, a movie-watching area, and a universal wheelchair-accessible washroom.

Feel free to use this (or any) of my lots in any stories you have to tell. I can't wait to see what you have to do with my exploded rainbow of a lot.

Download here! Needed CC included in rar.